My name is Wendy Martin. I am an aspiring Songwriter. I want to connect with others who may be struggling to find their way through their insecurities in life. I believe we all have purpose and value. No matter what circumstances we face we must find our way to our life’s purpose and then find the courage to embrace that purpose and live it fully. We can do this together..

Lets have a conversation. When you think about the “best” version of yourself, the “you” you have always wanted to be, what does that look like? How close are you to it? Do you feel like you have “untapped” potential…. a “calling” maybe? What’s stopping you from achieving what you believe is your true life’s purpose? What’s stopping me…. is fear. Fear of so many things but it boils down to fear of judgment and failing.

I’ve decided to face those fears by creating this blog to share my journey. I didn’t want to wait until I “made it” before sharing, (because lets face it… you might be waiting a while…maybe forever!) I wanted to share from the trenches….from the belly of the beast if you will. I want to share my true and authentic self…. some days its a constant battle with anxiety and low self-esteem. Other days I feel so empowered and balanced. Lets share our successes and setbacks as well as tools we’ve picked up along the way. Please “follow” my blog and definitely add comments and share your stories. We can help each other by sharing.

Lets do this!

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