The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Wendy. I’m originally from California but these days I’m living in a small town in Northern Indiana. Go ahead ask…..(everyone always does) “Why the hell did you move from California to Indiana?” Well, that’s a story but more importantly, why do I stay? One word…. Grandchildren. Those who have them understand (insert digital high five with all grandparents here). Indiana is nice. I like 3 of the 4 seasons enjoyed by folks here. As I write this, the news is forecasting  a high of -13 in a couple days. Winter is not my fave. But…… there are worst things so lets not dally here.

First of all I need to tell you……. I REALLY SUCK AT PEOPLING… which makes things kind of difficult and awkward when you’re trying to be a successful singer/songwriter! I have HORRIBLE stage fright! It just doesn’t make sense really. I’m an Aries and aren’t Aries supposed to be like these warrior types that go around kicking butt and taking names? I feel like that sometimes but I always end up second guessing myself and feeling insecure. I’m guessing that comes from some deep emotional wounds I collected in my childhood. My Dad was a loving man who just happened to be afflicted by alcoholism. When he drank, he was far from loving. He was manipulative and violent. My Mom was a kick ass survivor so….. somewhere in between the terror and sadness and wanting to feel sorry for myself and the deep set determination to not only survive but show the world that NOTHING was going to keep ME down…… I guess I grew up. Baggage in tow. Oh, I’m not blaming anyone for who and where I am today. I’m 51 years old now so all that is on me. But at this point in my life, I’m beginning to put the pieces together. Better late then never right?!

As this blog grows, I will share more and more of my history (as it applies to today’s struggles and successes). I invite you to comment, question, and share as well. I will be posting weekly…maybe more if I’m inspired to do so. I will not tolerate any hatefulness! There’s enough of that in everyday life, everywhere you look. NOT HERE! We are here to support each other by sharing and having meaningful conversation.  Here’s to the journey my friends… 🥂

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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